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 Welcome to CX's Official Media:



This video showcases a few core features such as:
Stream safe capabilities
Custom glow
Health ESP
No recoil

CX features also include:

Primary Features

Internal DLL (Minimal performance impact)

Windows 11 Support

High Stability

Private bypass method

Streamproof (Stream using OBS and your audience won't see the cheats)

Advanced configuration with in- game menu

Cloud PC/ Windows Server supported

Windowed/Fullscreen Support

Controller support

Auto updates

Simple loading process

Supports all versions of Windows 7/ 10 (includes preview builds, 1903 and greater)

Customizable menu theme

Attractive and easy to use loader

Script loader including built in auto loot and SEER radar features


Aim-bot Features

High Performance Aim-bot

Silent Aim

Custom Aim Key

Bullet- Drop Prediction

Velocity Prediction

Advanced Anti Spread & Recoil Compensation

Aim Down Sight (ADS) Aim-bot ON/OFF

Choose where the Aim-bot locks on (Head, Eye, Chest)

FOV adjustment (Shows a circle that visualizes your Field of View and where the Aim-bot will lock on)

Advanced Smoothing Engine (RNG- based, does not lag behind fast- moving players)

Hit offset feature (Aim-bot will hit in a different place every time)

Team Checks

Visibility Checks


ESP Features


Player Glow

Overhead Names

3D Bounding Box

Item/ Loot ESP Icons (Colour categorized)

Filter System (only see the loot items you care about)

Enemy/Friendly Colour Customizations



Custom Crosshair

Radar Overlay on Mini-map

Radar Customizations

Video By: https://www.cxsoftware.net/profile/3929-サイレックス/
Thread By: https://www.cxsoftware.net/profile/16-あろにせ/
Extra Information By: https://www.cxsoftware.net/profile/13-basti/

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