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Hunt Showdown: My Review


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Overview: I purchased the one day trial to test the product, it's limitations and features. I used the product for around 12~14 hours in-game experimenting in lobbies, ranging from massive gunfights to CQC in banish rooms. Admittedly, the forums and messages I saw in the chat box were a little concerning as it seemed there wasn't much activity from staff in general, with the forums being pretty barebones and empty. I told myself it's only $5 for a day, so if it doesn't work or I don't like it then it's not a big deal. After purchasing, I obtained the confirmation emails and didn't instantly figure out where to install the loader, but a quick peek on the forums and I found the installation guide and followed it through. 

My initial thoughts are that it could be better communicated on where to find the registration key and where to find the activation code. As I've used multiple programs like this before, it wasn't too difficult to figure out, but some people need a bit more guidance and I could see them being unable to find the important bits of information. Ideally, a follow up email could be sent on purchase that has this information, even if it's a simple FAQ. (Where can I find the registration key? How do I install the loader? Where do I find my product activation code?). 

After installing the programs, I received a critical IO error on execution of the program and again, digged a little on the forums to find the problem was most likely anti-virus related. Sure enough, I had everything off aside from the "Real Time Protection" setting and turning it off fixed my issue. Moving on, I finally managed to get in game and check out the program and it's features.


Product: Hitting F10 brought up the menu, and similarly to a lot of programs, it featured a basic UI with customisable feature options. I was impressed at the ESP allowing me to individually track certain elements, however a little upset that there's no ability to track "Cash Registers" or the flyers/papers you find around the map that give you blood point upgrades, blueprints, blood dollas etc. I did notice for some reason cash registers seemingly ESP'd with the name "Ammo Box", so I'm unsure if it's how hunt displays the cash registers in-game or if it's a bug on the developers side, so I'm not too fussed. It works to an acceptable and even good degree.

Next, I looked at the aimbot options and immediately didn't quite understand how the prediction option worked, and there's no information on how to set it up on the forums or in discord. I fiddled around with it and the default values between 105-125 seemed to work great with a small FOV and 0.8 smoothing. The first quirk comes when players are too close to you, the aimbot struggles to track them with the settings you use for medium to longer range fights and so you have to rely on your own aim when the player is within 20 metres, give or take a few. If you set you're prediction too high, it's incredibly obvious when spectated, using too low and you only manage to track them very very briefly before they manage to slip away from the fov. It struggles to 'stick' to a certain sense at these close ranges. Overall, it wasn't too big of a deal as in close quarters using the ESP / your own judgement worked fine for me and still gave me the edge I've been looking for. I struggle in longer range fights, and the product worked wonders in that regard. 

I'll summarise the product overall below, including some things I didn't talk about above.


User Interface: 7/10 - basic, but does everything you need. Only 'upgrade' would be to split the settings in tabs at the top instead of expanding/closing dropdowns. 

ESP: 8/10 - boxes, skeletons, bone tracking, snap lines, it's great. To make it a 10/10, adding the players health would be great as it'd allow you to pick your targets in fights, AS WELL AS including a "LINE OF SIGHT" option, potentially highlighting them in some effect if they are visible to me and not behind a wall. Additionally, it doesn't seem like highlighting dead hunters works!

Aimbot: 7/10 - as mentioned above, close range fights are problematic to track the targets but for mid-longer range it's incredibly efficient. A small quirk, is that it tracks through walls and ideally with the line of sight option above for ESP it only tracks when they are visible. A checkbox would be great so players who want to range can still track through walls if they'd like.

Support: N/A - haven't requested any support for the product, so I can't comment. One person in chat mentioned they've been waiting 2 days for help on the product, whereas others praise the speedy response. Unable to judge, but in the ticket section I communicated with them once and the response timing was good. 

Customisation: 9/10 - color options, individual highlights, it's great at tailoring it to your needs.

Overall: 8/10

The team have made a great product, and I'll be recommending it to others if they are looking for reliable hunt cheat.

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