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My review of the Apex "software"


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I've been waiting to review this so I could talk about detectability, so I decided to wait for 2 weeks.

Here's my full review:
Undetected status : So far I didn't get banned two weeks after the first injection, so I would say that's very good. Although I will only believe the cheat is 100% undetected after like a month or two have passed without a ban.

Menu 9/10 : I've always liked the ImGui style menus, I find them very clean and you always get some color customizeability etc. There a "bug" I noticed using the menu, if I opened it while I'm aiming, the cursor glitches out a bit and the framerate goes a little wonky, but the fix for this is just pressing your inventory key, or pressing escape to change the settings with no issues.

Aimbot Rage 9/10 | Legit 6.5/10 : In terms of Rage play the aimbot is basically "perfect". I didn't test the Silent Aim, because I was scared of spectators finding something weird, or it being an unsafe feature, so I'm skipping that part. The aimbot works as expected, but I have some things to point out. The No-Recoil feature is too blatant to play with, so I didn't use it at all since it's unusable for "legit-play". I wish the developers implemented a smoothed RCS system, where you can change the %smoothing values where it goes from 0 recoil, to human-like controlled recoil. The prediction is good, but sometimes it would aim slightly above the enemies head in medium-close range and my shots would miss. The aimbot offers some customizability in terms of smoothing, but unfortunately it is too robot-like. Yes, the aimbot will not instantly snap to the enemy with some good settings but it is still far too obvious if the player who is spectating you is not low ranked. I had to use an aimkey so I could disguise it a little better but it still felt like some of my shots were obvious even with great amounts of smoothing and having a wide dead zone. This should be the main feature to focus on improving in my opinion, maybe take some inspiration from the CSGO scene and how the more legit-oriented "softwares" do their non-sticky aimbots.

ESP 10/10 : There's nothing bad to say about the ESP. I had basically 0 issues apart for the Glow acting weird but it didn't bother me. It's highly customizable and it's a good looking ESP. I like how the items have all the correspondent icons, it's much easier to look at than words. The max distance feature is perfect for better visibility and more FPS.

Radar 10/10 : It's not a feature I use, but it works as it should.

I'm probably forgetting something else, but yeah that's basically my review. I will for sure purchase a sub again in the future especially if it remains undetected, even if the aimbot/recoil doesn't get improved, although this shouldn't be a reason for the devs to just ignore the feedback and not improve on it.


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