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UI: The UI that CX has is superb! It is clean, customisable and easy to use.
ESP: ESP is extremely customisable and reliable everything works perfectly from the skeletons to boxes well just everything I cannot fault it at all! The customisability within the settings is overwhelming in a very very good way I did not even know there was that many items in the game and on top of that you can customise ABSOLUTLY EVERYTHING and I love it! 
Aimbot: The Aimbot is absolutely cracked and works great on blatant settings which I admittedly use but looks very believable with good movement and less blatant settings.
Support: Support is always great! Sometimes it can take a moment or two to get someone with a support ticket but nothing absurd as well as the one time it took a while I was treated with great respect and the staff member was regretful that it took longer than expected.   
Overall: Overall this is a fantastic cheat built on reliability and trust that I have with CX and the creator.


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