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Hunt: Showdown Review

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UI: The UI that CX has is superb! It is clean, customisable and easy to use.
ESP: ESP is extremely customisable and reliable the ability to select every item/hunter/event/clue/individual mob/dog cages/ammo & med kits which are a god sent!
Aimbot: With Aimbot it is reliable considering that the game has very slow bullet velocities and players cover long distances quickly at over 250m if you are using a gun like Mosin or Lebel it works great from 1m-250m with some nice timing and a good config! and within 80m-90m where most gun fights happen almost any gun is viable.

This Aimbot works great it cannot get better unless the cheat was to spawn the bullet in the face of the opponent which is very sus.
Support: Support is always great! Sometimes it can take a moment or two to get someone with a support ticket but nothing absurd as well as the one time it took a while I was treated with great respect and the staff member was regretful that it took longer than expected.   
Overall: Overall this is a fantastic cheat built on reliability and trust that I have with CX and the creator.

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