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Hunt Showdown Review

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UI/Layout: Easy to read, understand and adjust. It is a plus that your settings are saved (minus the aim key and prediction) 

No recoil/spread/sway: Super useful and reliable (Specially with fanning, levering and dual wielding) I think it is visible on spectate but don't take my word for it. Personally after killing a team I disable no recoil to avoid suspicions.

Aimbot: Pretty reliable and when paired with a good smoothing and prediction it slaps very well. I personally just use it to assist my aim at the head. Otherwise I manually aim. 

ESP: It has greatly improved from the last version. Players can be seen (the player skeletons are not rendering), the AI, noise traps (minus the crows), the yellow boxes and cashiers appear as "ammo boxes". But that is a bearable thing. The little ammo boxes appear along with special ammo. Dead hunters do not appear.

All in all and suggestions: I think it worth the price, it is considerably better than a lot of the competition. A bit rough in the edges but with lots of improvement room. I would suggest:
1) Fixing the player skeletons so they show on the ESP.
2) Giving different names to special items like the yellow boxes, cashiers, and different xp/perk point papers.
3) Showing the weapons laying around the map.
4) Showing dead hunters.
5) And the one I think would be useful is to see which weapon an enemy is using (For example: if they have a shotgun we know to keep a safe distance from them)

Disclaimer: This is just my opinion. I know the explanation probably isn't the best but hopefully someone finds my thoughts & opinion useful.

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