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The cheat itself is nice, really really easy to install but I got some problems and Idk if they're detections or something I did wrong

Played for like 30mins without using aimbot, miscs (skin changers and some risky things) and got banned so I thought I did something wrong, checked the site for the reqs again and everything seems to be right
So I spoofed again, created another account and gave it another try and same thing got banned within 15mins this time, while im sure its not from my side cuz I was playing without any cheats at all for a week using the same spoofer nothing got me banned
And them tried with aimbot this time on max smoothing as everything and max deadzone and still got banned even with spoofing again, so I dont know whats the issue lost 3 accounts and still trying to use the cheat 

and Im gonna be honest the cheat was great before used it on my friends account for like a month and nothing happened to that account until now 
So if staff knows whats the problem please let me know because the discord link isn't working anymore

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