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Question about ban.

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Before I get some flack no I haven't been banned 😛

I wanted to ask what happens if you get banned (because of course there's always a chance). I play apex from my main steam account.
If there is a ban, is it going to show on the steam account as well or just my ea account is going to get banned?


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I can tell you more about this as I have been banned from Apex before but not from this site. Usually within 6 months the ban will be displayed on your profile. If you log in after your ban, no other time, the probability is very high that the period of 6 months happens. Otherwise, if you log in several times, you get after the 3 or 4 times another ban message that is then subsequently seen on your profile. Why is that? I have no idea, so it was with me. I give you the tip not to use your main account. 🙃

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