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Hunt: Showdown

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I'd like to know when the last time Hunt: Showdown was detected?
Are they using the shitty version of EAC? (Less secure)
Does the aimbot predict? I see there is Prediction Mod? Is that a manual prediction value or does the cheat understand what weapon am I holding and predict accordingly?
What considered rage/unsafe features to avoid using to stay away from a manual ban?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @Pixelated! Our overall history with the game and detection is quite good, we've experienced a few but gone a full year without one. I can promise the software is stable and has been so for quite a while now. Hunt uses a mid to high tier version of EAC which makes it more of a challenge to develop cheats, but we have a long history dealing with even the highest tiers of EAC (see our Apex product). There is a prediction slider which takes into account the player velocity (and other physics parameters of the world) it does not calculate for individual weapons, however. Regardless, this is probably the most accurate aimbot on the market, we've had more than one person state so. The cheat does not include a spectator warning, but the way spectating works in CryEngine, you'll find its quite unnecessary to worry about, the reconstruction the spectator sees on their end is fairly detached from what is actually happening on your screen. Think of everything you do being highly "smoothed" over. Unlike source or idtech engine games where the reconstruction can be a bit more accurate. Hope that answers most of your questions, enjoy 🙂

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