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How compatible the apex cheat is with spoofer

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Hello, i am looking forward to purchase the apex cheat but i am actually hwid banned.
I saw that your spoofer is not operational for the moment so i am going to use a different spoofer on the market, is it going to works perfectly with cx apex software ?

I know that you always need to spoof before launching the game but before launching the game you need to launch the loader and injection, does the loader going to see that i have a different hwid everytime and lock me or i am fine to spoof everytime and the launcher is not going to block my acc ?

I hope you understand what i am trying to explain, thanks you.


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Hello @Kajiama if you have a working spoofer there shouldn't be a problem.
To your second question: We just bind your steamID that means you have to be logged in your steam account everytime you want to use the cheat. We use your SteamID as authentication as opposed to Hardware ID.


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