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Hunt: Showdown Review

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Backstory-- Lately, I have been playing alot of Huntshowdown but due to the game being filled with bush campers and overall the game is not as fun as used too. I have decent aim but still, this game will punish you hard with the tryhards it currently has as we speak. So I thought of joining the dark side but this is not about me. it's about the cheat I'm gonna discuss today.

Price -- 7/10 The price is pretty good giving you a undetected cheat. In fact, in this price range, you won't find another cheat with this much security and features.

Functionality -- 8/10 When it comes to functionality this cheat has a lot of cool features which will make your aim look legit so you can win fights easily without anyone suspecting anything or you could rage setting and just eliminate everybody in just 5mins that depends on you how your playstyle is. Features like no recoil, No Sway, Esp, and many more will make it easy for you to kill players easily without Aimbot. I would have given this a 10/10 but still, there are some missing features like silent aim,  multiply aim key and spectator count. Features can be added easily but not getting detected by the anti-cheat system is another thing. security comes first for the customer and the development team makes sure that the cheat is undetected for us.

Instructions -- 10/10  The installation process was simple and not too complicated every instruction was on the site so I had no problems.

Customer service -- 10/10 The staff is top-notch here. I'm even surprised how fast these guys respond to you if you have any problems or questions about the cheat. nowadays cheat provider's support team are so damn slow responding to your queries but the Cx Software Support team I gotta say I'm impressed.  

OVERALL -- 8.5/10   My conclusion is that this cheat is really good and has almost everything. The developers will keep working on this and will add more features and the support team is also quick with any problems you come across. I would totally recommend this cheat to others.

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