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Apex Lite Review


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Hey all,

At first I was sceptical about the cheat, a low player base and what seemed to be little usage. BOY WAS I WRONG! I already play apex at high masters/ pred, I didn't need the aim bot as I have aiming mostly down pat. So, I went with the lite version - solely the ESP - meaning my review will lack details on the aimbot features and others found in the premium version.

ESP - 9/10 

WIth the aimbot I opted to use; skeleton and health. This worked great for me as it allowed me to understand HPs of enemies and where their were looking/ standing. This combo alone was enough to sell me on the cheat. I tried the glow too, once again, I was not disappointed. If you play caustic or banga this will help 10 fold. The ability to clearly see people hiding in cover and having the visibility check was amazing. Another great tool was the item ESP, now, mind you, I only used this off spawn. My pc wouldn't be able to handle the constant amount of information. This helped me run straight to armor/ loot that I needed. As I said, it can be a lot of things to see considering the amount of spawned loot in the game but they still make all items very clear to distinguish even from distances. I'll come back to the item ESP in the menu section.


Menu - 9/10

Now this was arguably one of the most surprising features to me. Not only did the menu look clean but it had all the relevant features on one slick 'image' and had all features and customisation was easy to understand. Often with cheats, not just for apex, the menu is cluttered and at times challenging to find the certain setting you're after. This, however, didn't suffer from this problem, even in the slightest. I'm a simple man and this simple menu was just what I enjoy using. Accessing the menu is also easy, a literal click of a button (well two for me because I use a 65% keyboard lol). From spawn, I'd quickly often open menu to turn on loot ESP - done in the matter of a second, if not less and quickly after turn it back off again. This cheat doesn't suffer from menu or game lag with large amounts of images appearing and disappearing in a split second; this fact impressed me dramatically as it allowed for quick on and off checks of loot, even mid fight.


Now that is where I'm going to end the review as they are the two main components of the LITE version. If you are at all feeling even slightly hesitant, you can hopefully have some level of reassurance from this review. It has been a pleasure to use this cheat and I will definitely be back for more!

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